8 Big Data

8.1 Exploring, Visualizing, and Modeling Big Data with R

by Okan Bulut, Christopher Desjardins

Working with BIG DATA requires a particular suite of data analytics tools and advanced techniques, such as machine learning (ML). Many of these tools are readily and freely available in R. This full-day session will provide participants with a hands-on training on how to use data analytics tools and machine learning methods available in R to explore, visualize, and model big data.

Link: https://okanbulut.github.io/bigdata/

8.2 Mastering Spark with R

by Javier Luraschi, Kevin Kuo, Edgar Ruiz

In this book you will learn how to use Apache Spark with R. The book intends to take someone unfamiliar with Spark or R and help you become proficient by teaching you a set of tools, skills and practices applicable to large-scale data science.

PS the first chapter has a Jon Snow quote ;)

Link: https://therinspark.com/


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