3 Book Clubs

Just like the book clubs you know and love, except that people actually talk about the book they’re busy reading!

R book clubs are usually a group of people who follow along together in working though the same book, with some sort of periodic check-in (often weekly, often via video) discussing the text, exercises and solutions.

Below is a list of book clubs. These usually have a specific start and end date, so it may happen that a book club has already ended even though it’s listed here.

If you are running a book club, feel free to add it.

3.1 NHS-R community

If you’re one of the estimated 10 000 data analysts working in the NHS, here’s a blog post introducing the R book club in what is I assume is their slack channel.

3.2 R4DS Slack Community

The R4Ds slack Community has a number of running book clubs. Once you’ve joined the slack group, you can search for channels.

They also have a channel specifically for book club facilitators!

They’ve recorded the sessions of cohorts so you can pick your way through one, or catch up on the current one!

3.3 R-ladies Netherlands - Advanced R by Hadley Wickham

A collaboration of multiple Netherlands-based R-ladies groups ran a club on Hadley Wickham’s Advanced R book.

The github repo contains all the slides from the sessions.