4 Career & Community

4.1 Build Your Career in Data Science

Not R-specific but a great read!

You are going to need more than technical knowledge to succeed as a data scientist. Build a Career in Data Science teaches you what school leaves out, from how to land your first job to the lifecycle of a data science project, and even how to become a manager.


4.2 Getting Started in Data Science

Ayodele Odubela

This book is for anyone intersted in Data Science, but is unsure where to start. Cut through the noise and learn my best tips for understanding Machine Learning with insight from my 4 years of industry experience. Learn the math as it applies to real-life data projects and get an understanding of fairness, ethics, and accounability in AI.

(Not R focussed but looks good so I’m adding it - Oscar :) )

Paid ~$30


4.3 Twitter for R Programmers

Oscar Baruffa, Veerle van Son

The R community is very active on Twitter. You can learn a lot about the language, about new approaches to problems, make friends and even land a job or next contract. It’s a real-time pulse of the R community.What can you gain from becoming active on Twitter? This book will talk about the benefits and it will show you how to use Twitter.


4.4 Twitter for Scientists

Not R-specific, but as many R users are also Scientists this book can really help.


4.5 Conversations On Data Science

Roger Peng and Hilary Parker

This book collects many of their discussions from the podcast Not So Standard Deviations and distills them into a readable format.

Pay what you want for the ebook, minimum $0.00


4.6 Executive Data Science

Brian Caffo, Roger D. Peng, and Jeffrey Leek

A Guide to Training and Managing the Best Data Scientists. Learn what you need to know to begin assembling and leading a data science enterprise.

Pay what you want for the PDF, minimum $0.00


4.7 Essays on Data Analysis

Roger Peng

This book draws a complete picture of the data analysis process, filling out many details that are missing from previous presentations. It presents a new perspective on what makes for a successful data analysis and how the quality of data analyses can be judged.

Pay what you want for the ebook, minimum $0.00


4.8 The Programmer’s Brain : What every programmer needs to know about cognition

Felienne Hermans

Explores the way your brain works when it’s thinking about code. In it, you’ll master practical ways to apply these cognitive principles to your daily programming life. You’ll improve your code comprehension by turning confusion into a learning tool, and pick up awesome techniques for reading code and quickly memorizing syntax. This practical guide includes tips for creating your own flashcards and study resources that can be applied to any new language you want to master. By the time you’re done, you’ll not only be better at teaching yourself—you’ll be an expert at bringing new colleagues and junior programmers up to speed.

Free & Paid ~$30

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