31 Other compendiums

31.1 Awesome network analysis

A compendium of resources that look really valuable.


31.2 Bookdown archive

An archive all books published via bookdown.org. It’s a very very big repo.


31.3 R project book compendium

A searchable archive of 180+ books.


31.4 Use R! Springer series

This is a collection of some 70+ books. This series of inexpensive and focused books on R will publish shorter books aimed at practitioners. Books can discuss the use of R in a particular subject area (e.g., epidemiology, econometrics, psychometrics) or as it relates to statistical topics (e.g., missing data, longitudinal data).

All are paid products


31.5 Data Science with R: A Resource Compendium

Martin Monkman

This book grew out of my evergrowing collection of reference materials that was saved as an expanding array of markdown files in a github repo. By assembling it as a book, I hope that it will be more accessible and useful to other R users.


31.6 R on the web

Guillaume Coqueret

Useful links for people interested in R.


31.7 CRAN doc collections

Note these projects are frozen, but they do contain a lot of resources in multiple languages.

Many of these are quite old publications, but it doesn’t mean they’re outdated or not useful. If you’re really digging for a specific resource that you can’t find anywhere else, it may be here. Good luck!