18 Packages

18.1 The caret Package

Max Kuhn

The caret package (short for Classification And REgression Training) is a set of functions that attempt to streamline the process for creating predictive models.

This book is free online.


18.2 ComplexHeatmap Complete Reference

Zuguang Gu

The ComplexHeatmap package is used to generate heatmap visualizations. It is a highly flexible tool to arrange multiple heatmaps and supports various annotation graphics for high-dimensional data. These visualizations are efficient to visualize visualizations between different sources of data sets and reveal potential patterns.

This book here contains the full documentation to using the ComplexHeatmap package effectively with plenty of small and complex examples to help you create your own complex heatmap data vizualization.


18.3 data.table in R – The Complete Beginners Guide

Selva Prabhakaran

data.table is a package is used for working with tabular data in R. It provides the efficient data.table object which is a much improved version of the default data.frame. It is super fast and has intuitive and terse syntax. If you know R language and haven’t picked up the data.table package yet, then this tutorial guide is a great place to start.


18.4 GT Cookbook

Thomas Mock

This cookbook attempts to walk through many of the example usecases for gt, and provide useful commentary around the use of the various gt functions. The full gt documentation has other more succinct examples and full function arguments.

For advanced use cases, make sure to check out the Advanced Cookbook


18.5 Highcharter Cookbook

Tom Bishop

Highcharter is an R implementation of the highcharts javascript library, enabled by R’s htmlwidgets package. Most of the highcharts functionality is implemented through highcharter however the documentation is a little light. This guide will provide examples on how to create and customise various graphs whilst providing some tips on how to think about the package that will help you build and debug your more ambitious charts.


18.6 The lidR package

Jean-Romain Roussel, Tristan R.H. Goodbody, Piotr Tompalski

lidR is an R package for manipulating and visualizating airborne laser scanning (ALS) data with an emphasis on forestry applications. The package is entirely open source and is integrated within the geospatial R ecosytem (i.e. raster, sp, sf, rgdal etc.). This guide has been written to help both the ALS novice, as well as seasoned point cloud processing veterans.


18.7 A Minimal rTorch Book

Alfonso R. Reyes

Practically, you can do everything you could with PyTorch within the R ecosystem.


18.8 The Tidyverse Cookbook

Edited by Garrett Grolemund

This book collects code recipes for doing data science with R’s tidyverse. Each recipe solves a single common task, with a minimum of discussion.


18.9 The targets R Package User Manual

Will Landau

The targets package is a Make-like pipeline toolkit for Statistics and data science in R. With targets, you can maintain a reproducible workflow without repeating yourself. targets learns how your pipeline fits together, skips costly runtime for tasks that are already up to date, runs only the necessary computation, supports implicit parallel computing, abstracts files as R objects, and shows tangible evidence that the results match the underlying code and data.