24 Sport analytics

24.1 Basketball Data Science with Applications in R

By Paola Zuccolotto, Marica Manisera

Using data from one season of NBA games, Basketball Data Science: With Applications in R is the perfect book for anyone interested in learning and applying data analytics in basketball. Whether assessing the spatial performance of an NBA player’s shots or doing an analysis of the impact of high pressure game situations on the probability of scoring, this book discusses a variety of case studies and hands-on examples using a custom R package. The codes are supplied so readers can reproduce the analyses themselves or create their own. Assuming a basic statistical knowledge, Basketball Data Science with R is suitable for students, technicians, coaches, data analysts and applied researchers.

paid ~$35


24.2 Exploring Baseball Data with R

Max Marchi, Jim Albert, Max Marchi, Jim Albert, Benjamin S. Baumer

This book introduces R to sabermetricians, baseball enthusiasts, and students interested in exploring the richness of baseball data. It equips you with the necessary skills and software tools to perform all the analysis steps, from importing the data to transforming them into an appropriate format to visualizing the data via graphs to performing a statistical analysis.

Paid product ~$50


24.3 Wrangling F1 Data With R: A Data Junkie’s Guide

Tony Hirst

This book describes a range of data analysis and visualisation techniques that can be applied to motorsport timing and results data in general, and Formula One data in particular.

Paid product $7.49+


24.4 Visualising WRC Rally Stages With rayshader and R: A RallyDataJunkie Adventure

Tony Hirst

Taking a simple rally route dataset, what can we do with it? This book describes a wide range of techniques for working with geodata, including routes and elevantion rasters. From 2D and 3D mapping, to a wide range of route analysis techniques, the techniques described are also relevant to a wide range of othr route analysis contexts, including ecological trail analysis.

Free online book


24.5 Visualising WRC Rally Timing and Results Data: A RallyDataJunkie Adventure

Tony Hirst

A handy guide to visualising a wide range of motorsport timing and results data, concentrating on rally data associated with the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC).


24.6 Coding for sports analytics: get started resources

Given the lack of sport-focussed R books, I’ve added this collection of blog posts.